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Veronica Schiltz- An Empowered Voice

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Veronica Schiltz, Future Chiropractor and Mindset and Burnout Coach for Mompreneurs!

Veronica is a toddler mama to the sweetest 1.5 year old and is in school finishing up her doctor of chiropractic. She is passionate about all things holistic health and empowering women to not only live in integrity with their core beliefs and values but to thrive in every season knowing that their confidence doesn’t come from outward works but comes from their unique God-given gifts and traits. Her mission is to help women and families live to their greatest potential in a way that changes generations forever.

Veronica was kind enough to share some of her story with me to share with all of you.

What was your ‘Ever After’ moment? (The moment that changed everything)

This is hard to put into one moment so I wanted to highlight the two biggest ones for me. The very first time I ever realized there was more to this life than living in pain and frustration was when I met my church family. I had always been skeptical of Faith and Religion because of my upbringing and though I knew Faith was an important aspect of my life I didn’t know where it fit into my life.

I met these church planters and immediately became apart of their volunteer staff but I was not so fond of Faith in general. The pastor’s wife and I grew very close and I let her know who I was. Who I truly was. Not the girl that worked hard, or the girl that was always there for people, but the girl that was angry at the world, that had strong feelings and questioned everything. The girl who held grudges and couldn’t forgive what had been said and done to her growing up. This mentor of mine didn’t chastise me or shame me, she saw me for what I was, hurting, and she also saw me for who I was which was deeply loyal and passionate. She helped me to work through things I had shoved down for years and so, began the journey of growing into my God-Given calling.

Soon after I was introduced to this church family I started working for a female entrepreneur and chiropractor who saw the potential in me. She knew that I was meant to be a chiropractor and I felt I would never be cut out for doctorate school. She worked on me little by little each day hinting that what I truly wanted to be was a chiropractor and that the only reason I didn’t go for it right away, is because I didn’t think I could do it. Well, she was right and after two years of convincing me I was capable of this career I didn’t know I needed, I applied to chiropractic school.

That was three years ago now and I hardly recognize myself, but what I know for certain is that generational poverty ends with me, generational hurts are starting to be healed through me, and that I will no longer let fear or hurt cloud the vision for the future. It just took a little bit of kindness, lots of patience, and the help of some powerful women to help me to see the potential within myself and my God-given gifts and traits and I will spend the rest of my days doing this for other women as well.

What is a challenge that you have have faced and how did you overcome it? What did you learn along the way?

The biggest challenge I have faced was getting through chiropractic school. This experience tested my confidence, my abilities, my marriage, and my time management skills just to name a few. But going through this program I learned three things:

  1. Babies make you better! Having my daughter in school excelled my ability to manage everything because one look at her and I knew what was most important. My life was now built around my core values and if something didn’t fit into that, it was getting kicked out of my life.
  2. You CAN be successful with a negative mind, but it’s a heck of a lot harder. Changing your mindset from “I hope I can” to “I will do this” is a game changer and so does going from “what if it doesn’t work out” to “but what if it DOES work out”.
  3. Rest is not optional. There is no time that you should put yourself on the back burner and save rest for later. Do what you can and lean on your people to make sure you are getting rest. No matter how busy you are, YOU are your most important asset. You can’t do all the things on an empty tank.

What is a practical strategy or tool that you have found most effective for achieving success and/or personal growth?

Getting really strong in my Faith, getting really clear on my boundaries, and speaking to myself the way I would want to speak to my daughter.

How do you deal with self-doubt and limiting beliefs? What practices have you found helpful for building self-confidence?

Very similar to the ones above, I use prayer and bible time to help me remember what my Creator says about me, I journal often about the things I am grateful for not just about what is happening in my life but also the gifts I have inside me that make me so special, and I have gotten really clear on communication with myself. Learning what my emotions mean and where they are stemming from really allows myself to be self aware and improve the aspects of myself that I know can be improved out of love and respect for myself and not from a place of shame or disappointment (something I used to do often)

What advice do you have for staying resilient in the face of adversity? How do you maintain a growth mindset and learn from failures?

Measure backwards! Reading the Gap and the Gain was a really big book for me because it helped me to realize just how often I was measuring my success in the future instead of looking back at all of the things I have overcome. Taking the time to truly celebrate my victories and honor where I am at in the journey can help you get excited for what is to come. That, and defining what failure truly is. You can’t fail unless you give up. So as long as you are still going, you are winning!

What are some common misconceptions people have about your area of expertise, and what would you like people to know?

As someone big into mindset work and nervous system regulation, I really want people to understand that you don’t need an expert to tell you what to do to overcome negative self talk/self doubt, perfectionism, or feelings of overwhelm. You don’t NEED to meditate, you don’t NEED a morning routine. Yes, those things often will become apart of your routine as you learn mindfulness but you can’t force it.

Before you do these things, you need to understand what it is your currently believe, how you see the world around you, and how you see yourself. Knowing these things will help you decide what is best for YOU. Not what someone else thinks you should do, but learning how to listen to your nervous system, listen to your emotions, and live in your Faith will ultimately allow you to create the rhythm you want to see. I won’t do that for you, but I do hope to help you through the process of getting to know yourself again if that is something you are struggling with. We all need that gentle reminder of our God-given gifts and abilities and uniquely special traits that we have within ourselves!

How can we connect with you?

@veronicaischiltz on instagram and tik tok and Veronica Schiltz on Facebook!

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