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Welcome to my FAQs! Here, I’ve tried to gather the questions I’ve heard most often or that I thought would be the most helpful to be answered. Simply search the list of FAQs for your question and use the drop down menu to see the answers. And of course, feel free to reach out to me if you do not see your question. 


My first few years in business were incredible and exciting as my business evolved and changed, but it was time for me to take the next step in this adventure. I've always taken immense pride in emilyeverafterco, the business that bears my daughter's name, and she will forever be a major source of inspiration for embarking on this incredible path of not only my own healing and empowerment, but in my route to helping others do the same. But when it comes down to it, life has a way of evolving, just as we do as individuals. My business is now named after me. It's a change that reflects my personal growth and a shift that felt right. There are a few reasons behind this rebrand. First and foremost, I wanted to make sure that there was no confusion. My name is Danielle, but there were many people who start their messages and interactions to me as Emily. I've been so grateful for all the amazing folks who've trusted me to guide them on their journeys, and I wanted to ensure that they knew and understood who they were connecting with. This way we could build a foundation of trust and honest communication. More importantly, my focus has always been on helping my clients become the best, most genuine versions of themselves. I've witnessed countless transformations, and it's been a privilege to be part of the journey. But to truly help people to shine their brightest, I need to do the same. By showing up as myself, I can serve my clients and followers even better. (And then I also have to admit that it felt a bit strange to have a business that was only named after my daughter when I now also have a son.) Honestly, change was intimidating… but it was also exhilarating and a chance to fully embrace a new shift. This change was a way of owning my power, embracing my own inner magic and showing up boldly as myself, Danielle. I'm excited about what the future holds, and I'm even more thrilled to have you on this journey with me. Ultimately, I will continue sharing what I’ve learned in order to help you become the strongest, most genuine version of yourself.
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve felt a connection to snakes. As I’ve gotten older, it’s resonated with me even more as a symbol of power. While a serpent is often misunderstood, I feel like it actually represents my values and mission perfectly. Snakes are strong and bold. They move with purpose and strike when the moment is right. They do not allow themselves to be held back or deterred. They don’t shrink from their true nature or potential, but embrace it fully with confidence and authority. This represents the strength and courage that I help women to embrace, so that they can confront challenges head-on and pursue their goals. This allows them to own their power rather than stay small or hidden away. Snakes are also incredibly intelligent, adaptable and great at solving problems. I believe women can harness these same qualities and develop innovative solutions to stay ahead of the game so that they can reach unstoppable success. Serpents are one of the most mindful creatures in nurture- they are almost always aware of their surroundings and able to be present in the moment in order to navigate their environment and make the best decisions to meet their needs. This sort of mindfulness is a cornerstone of my coaching, where I help women to take and maintain control of the way that they show up in their daily life. And of course, one of my favorite aspects about snakes is their ability to shed their skin. For me, this process symbolizes transformation. Often, you can’t grow without shedding old habits, beliefs and limitations that no longer serve you. Just as the snake emerges revitalized, I believe we too can shed the things that do not fit the life that we are working towards, and come out feeling renewed and inspired. I greatly aspire to embody the magical power and wisdom of the serpent with every aspect of my business in helping women to find and own their own inner power. It’s a purpose and mission that I feel deep in my soul and I hope that you it inspires you as well.
I have always felt drawn to green for a number of reasons, but mostly I love the link to nature. It makes me think of evergreen trees, which I associate with growth, resilience and strength. But the color green is also connected to balance, harmony and prosperity. Meanwhile, gold makes me think of luxury, success and power. I’m not the only one- it’s often linked to achievement and excellence. I love the combination! Not only do the colors complement each other visually, but I think they work together in meaning too. They bring about feelings of strength and power on every level- physical, emotional and even spiritual. And so I decided to use them boldly to inspire not only empowerment, but enchantment.
You will see triangles often in my work, not only in my logo but in a lot of my art and in many of my resources. It’s another thing that I’ve been drawn to for years and I think ultimately it’s because it feels like a symbol of power. Throughout history, we’ve seen it again and again: pyramids, sails, skyscrapers, math, art, religion, etc. It’s edgy and sharp, but still strong and stable. There are no wishy-washy curves or squishy edges. It’s all about precision, purpose and alignment. There’s also the power of three. Three sides: Mind, body and spirit. Birth, life and death. Beginning, middle, end. Id, ego, superego… three is everything. Growing up, I always said that three was my lucky number. I was the third child to my parents and my initials were DEF, which were the letters on the number 3 on the phone. The way I see it, I’ve been drawn to it for a reason, and so I’ve decided to fully embrace it.
Different kinds of coaches serve different roles, but usually they are there to help provide personalized guidance and strategies to help you to figure out what it is that you want and work with you on how to achieve your goals. Not only offering tools and expertise, but clarity, accountability, and support to navigate life's challenges. A coach should help you to empower yourself by helping discover your strengths, overcome obstacles, and create a fulfilling life of purpose. Working with a life coach is about transforming your mindset, building resilience, and creating lasting positive change so that you can become the best version of yourself.
I am certified as a life coach, a people pleasing coach, an empowerment coach, a cognitive behavioral coach and a energy protection and boundaries practictioner. I am also certified in hypnotherapy. I've also done training as a mom coach, EFT and NLP. And I have been on my own healing/learning and empowerment journey for years, so I bring the lessons from my experiences as well.
I provide a unique approach to each person, often combining different areas of life in order to be the most effective. Some of those areas are: Overthinging Anxiety People Pleasing Self Sabotage and limiting beliefs Confidence Self worth, love and care Boundaries While for some people, only one of these issues needs direct addressing, often it is a combination as the different areas of life affect each other.
You can reach out to me at danielle@daniellelapteff.com or book a free discovery call at https://calendly.com/daniellelapteff/20min And if you not see a time that works for you, just email me at danielle@daniellelapteff.com and we can set something up at a different time.
A discovery call is a brief chat where we'll get to know each other and see if we are a good fit to embark on an incredible coaching journey together. This is not a coaching call, but a friendly conversation to establish what you would like to get out of the coaching program, answer any questions you might have about coaching, and make sure that we both feel comfortable moving forward. If you're ready to take the first step towards unlocking your full potential, I'm really excited to talk with you! You can book that call here: https://calendly.com/daniellelapteff/20min And if you do not see a time that works for you, just email me at danielle@daniellelapteff.com and we can set something up at a different time.
Live sessions are conducted through video chat. We'll schedule them ahead of time and then I'll send you a link beforehand. Once we just on, it's just you and me. You'll have my undivided attention- I just ask for yours.
Different methods work better for different people, so no two sessions are going to be the same. There is a little trial and error to figure out what works best for you. But I do have some go-to tools to try out, such as journaling, guided meditations, mantras, and a lot of deep-diving conversations. I also use neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, goal setting, and vision boarding when appropriate. Accountability, thought challenging and self care are also big players... (If there's a particular method you would like to try or one that you'd like to avoid, let me know.)
Voxer is a walkie-talkie style app that allows users to send voice messages, texts, photos, and videos in real-time. It's a really great blend of different types of communication. Not only is it convienent, but you've got a record to look back on for notes to reference and to track your progress. With my programs, I offer Voxer support Monday through Friday, 9-5 est. However, that doesn't mean that I am absolutely unreachable outside of those hours. It just means that it might take a little longer to get back to you.
After completing the program, you'll have tools and actionable strategies to help you thrive beyond our sessions. However, if you choose to continue working together, renewal options will be available. I want to see you be your most successful self and I will be there to help as long as you need me.
Almost all of my digital resources (worksheets, ebooks, etc) are in either PDF or PNG form and should be easy to use without needing specific software. If you have any issues at all, please do not hesitate to contact me so I can help you get it sorted out.
Empowered Voices is a space dedicated to amplifying the narratives and powerful stories of women from all walks of life. Here, we celebrate what it is to be empowered through our individual and shared experiences, insights, and the voices that define us. Empowered Voices is more than just a collection of interviews and guest blog posts; it's a platform that I have intentionally crafted to unite women. I’m excited to offer a stage for unique perspectives and wisdom. This is a step towards creating and growing a community where every story and every voice adds depth to the collective journey of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. I believe that each of us has the potential for magic, change, and profound impact in our own lives as well as the lives as others. This is to be a safe haven for truths and a nurturing space to embrace the strength that comes with vulnerability. Above all, Empowered Voices is a beacon of solidarity. It’s a belief that together, we are unstoppable. Through mutual support, understanding, and connection, we are not only paving the way for personal growth, but for collective transformation. I hope that you’ll join us in this community of empowerment, where we not only rise, but thrive. Sharing our voices is a way to take hold of the power we have to shape our lives and inspire the world around us. One story at a time, we can weave a fabric of resilience, strength, and unity. Your voice matters—let it resonate, inspire, and set souls on fire. To be featured as an empowered voice, reach out to me at Danielle@daniellelapteff.com
To be considered to be featured as an empowered voice, reach out to me at Danielle@daniellelapteff.com or fill out this form: https://forms.gle/okGHnogLPnBzxdSM6
Absolutely! If there's something in particular you'd like to see, just shoot me a message and I'll definitely take it into consideration. danielle@daniellelapteff.com
Head on over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/riseandthrivewithdanielle and hit join 🙂
Exactly what it sounds like! I create resources to help women to empower themselves. From guided journals and custom covered blank journals to worksheets, affirmation bookmarks, buttons and stickers, and self care items and more.

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