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Have you been longing for a community of sisterhood, where women come together to support each other? Then Rise and Thrive: Igniting Power, Purpose, and Unstoppable Success for Women might be the place for you. 


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This small but growing community takes place inside of my private facebook group and is full of women who want to empower themselves and let their light shine without limits.

We work on mindset and increasing self-worth, building confidence, setting and enforcing boundaries, learning about strategies and tools to deal with triggers/self sabotage and more. There are daily posts such as journal prompts, card pulls and affirmations.  I also have live trainings, challenges and events. And of course, our members are free to (and encouraged to) share in the community about any questions, needs, celebrations, etc…

I love this community and every single one of its members. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and it’s truly an amazing thing to see it unfold. Together, we take steps every day to find our inner power, unleash our inner magic, and embrace our true potential. 

I started this group along with my blog in order to share experiences, tips and strategies learned on my own healing journey with the hopes of helping other women to empower themselves, and hopefully skip over some of the missteps to find a more direct route to living a life filled with joy and self love. 
If any of this resonates with you, I’d love to have you join our community.